Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Reminds me of my father.

Dad was poor. He was college educated, but graduated as the great depression was grinding America to a halt. He went home to the family farm and soon married my mother. Together they produced a crop of kids, and not a lot else.
When I was young, dad decided to build a shed. We had milk cows, and the Minnesota winters were hard on the poor animals. By then, most dairy farms operate with large curtain barns where the animals could be kept from the elements. Lacking money, dad scrounged for resources. He tore down several old and decrepit buildings to salvage the lumber. The community benefited in that the town got rid of several structures that tended to be places kids went for evil designs.
Turning that squalor into a barn for the cattle was not as simple as as measuring and cutting. we created posts for the barn by nailing small pieces of salvaged treated 2X6 to form a lower section and then making the upper parts out of old lumber. That way the buried portion wouldn't rot off too soon.
Then it was going through the lumber board by board to assemble that shed. Part of what dad started with had been an old grain elevator. It was built with 2X4 and 2X6 lumber laid up board on board and nailed together. I mean really nailed. I spent many days prying those boards apart, then pounding out the nails which then went into buckets. One for the 16 penny nails, another for the 8 penny ones.
Every nail we used, just like every board was not new. They had to be straightened before they could be driven, and some were not up to the task, bending or breaking. Those we discarded.
Slowly though, that shed went up. I'm guessing that it would have taken four years to complete at the speed we went. Cows don't milk themselves, hay does not magically turn into bales. It was a free time project, and time is precious for farmers.
Dad's health took a down turn some where along the way. He had a heart attack, and then and there decided that 66 was magic number and so he retired. The cows were sold and the barn, sad to say, weathered away.

Some of you are losing heart with President Trump. There are days it seems he can't find a straight nail honest politician in Washington. He tried on guy and he lasts a week. Another makes it two days and we see how twisted and bent he is. These are the boards and nails our president has been offered. Warped, twisted, rotten rusted bent and many just plain worthless.
You would think a man of President Trump's character could do a better job, find better people, but be understanding, Congress, and the cronies of the swamp are not going to let him have the best and brightest people.
President Trump is playing the cards he has from the deck they have provided. He gets to cast away cards just like he tossed Commie, but his next pick has to come from the deck Washington controls. These rats re determined to make him fail. Rats like McInsane who railed against Obozo care, then voted against repeal!
Remember "War Games" final scene? "The only way to win is not to play", sayeth WOPR. But play he has chosen to and we have a man fighting for our country for once.
Whether Trump can build a competent cabinet in four years remains the question. For now he is cleaning the swamp one bastard at a time, and he is winning battle one inch at a time, but winning he is! Obamunism is being reversed on many fronts. Sure, he didn't get PPACA repealed, NO matter how bad it is, all the scum in the Capitol know that their big money donors owners will find new critters to primary them in 2018.
In electing President Trump we did not win the war, only a small battle. The next big challenge for us will be 2018. we can help The Donald clean the swamp, or we can go home. I want to clean the swamp. Unlike my father, I want President Trump to not fall short. I want this job finished. I want the next generation to see that reliance on politicians will be our down fall, tht it requires honest citizens to go to Washington and not liars err lawyers.
GOD, bless President Donald John Trump, and make us a nation worthy of being caller a Christian nation.

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