Sunday, August 13, 2017

Struttin miss Suzie

Do any of you remember the childhood game? It wasn't a competition, just stuff for fun. The group would divide in to two lines facing each other, then the end child from each line would take turns going down through the middle usually doing something outrageous then assume their position at the back of the line while the next pair did their thing. With girl scouts the one line led, and the opposing person had to impersonate the first kid's antics. I remember a mother daughter event where it was moms in one line, daughters in the other. One fortyish well rounded mom did cart wheels and flips down the line. Her daughter was hard pressed to do a somersault.
Struttin miss Suzie
Struttin miss Suzie
All the way home.
Here comes another one
Just like the other one
Struttin miss Suzie all over town.

I guess it's not enough that the NFL teams decided not to pick up Colon Krappernick after the 69ers dumped him, we now have Marshawn Lynch in Jokeland acting the same way. If Jack Del Rio gave a shit about his fans, his team, or the game, he'd cut Lynch, and nobody would sign him after. Get ready for another season of unwatched football.

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