Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Technically we are already at war

The treaty that ended the fighting in Korea was a cease fire, nothing more. for the last 64 years a state of war has still existed, and while it has been mostly cold, it has on occasion cost lives.
A friend of mine was an Air Force SP in Korea. Part of his job, when ever there was an alert, was to go to a designated location with a stinger team and watch the skies. They were pretty routine, they happened a lot.
One day the call went out, he and his team jumped in a CUCV, the military's version of the Blazer and headed out. When they got to their spot, Mark jumped out, his CAR-15 at the ready, and began scanning the skies. Unbeknownst to him, there had been a real border incursion, and the invader was in the grass just in front of him. As Mark scanned the heavens, the NorK, unnerved possibly by his close proximity to a Yuge American, rolled up and let loose a burst from his trusty AK.
Mark was lucky, his armored vest stopped the round. It felt like a sledge hammer hit to the sternum, but he still managed to get off a long burst from his carbine. His shots splattered that guy.
Incidents like that are common enough that they don't get reported. No use scaring the folks back home. Still, they can have deadly consequences. Mark made it home, others have not.
That happened a long time ago before the half assed inbred retard took over.
Lil fatboy wants to nuke Guam? Heaven forbid! It might tip over! Hank needs to get a select committee together right now and go talk sense to the fat boy.
Why not aim for the mainland? Surely his missiles are accurate enough he could land one in California. Heck, if he eliminated Sacro-mental, I'd wager President Trump might let him off with a strongly worded warning.... And Urban Renewal.
China is a player in this. If China did not want Kim to act up, he would sit quietly and be nice. China wants to stir the pot because China is engaged in their own misdeeds in the South China Sea. China can wage a proxy war and keep their hands clean, and also evaluate our ability to respond in the region.
President  Trump is no politician. He is not acting like a politician and Kimmy does not know how to take it. There is a fine line, and it would not surprise me if he crossed it.

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Gregory said...

Makes me nervous to think about NK. We already have war going on in two countries and some of our soldiers are over 50 years old because there is a majority of cowards in this country's 'milennials'. Another war would drive our debt to far greater heights too. Also thinking about Iran-another possible war in a country with a huge population of fighting-age men.......Yep, Makes me nervous. Glad I am an old fart.