Friday, August 11, 2017

Been expecting this

U.S.A. Today is predicting that in the not too distant future, every one will have a microchip. Three Square micro in Wisconsin has implanted chips in their employees to do away with ID badges and log ons. On it's surface, this sounds like a good technological leap. A chip implanted in the hand would eliminate the possibility of a credit card being stolen, it could contain all your medical records and a positive I.D. and with encoding, would be a hard to hack method of providing secure elections. Stolen children would become a thing of the past, and French Police would be able to Identify Napoleon Blownapart. Sounds like a win! Almost.
If you read the Bible, and believe in GOD, you have surely read Revelation and about the mark of the beast. It will begin as a voluntary system, it has now, will eventually become mandatory, and all who receive the mark will suffer eternal damnation. 
Fifty years ago, this was unimaginable. When people thought of the mark of the beast, they thought of tattoos or other means of marking people. Hitlers numbers on the Jews in concentration camps came to mind first. With time comes understanding. The communist's newest mental midget rising star is Mark Zuckerberg. Who cannot see some one like him implementing a pogrom such as this? We know it is coming, the question is when.
There are many things that must happen yet. Whether they happen in our life time is the question. They all could happen in a year, or it could stretch out for many years. One thing is certain, it will happen. GOD said it, that settles it. I believe it.
When the time comes and they offer you the opportunity to get their newest system and "protect" your wealth, don't believe it.

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