Friday, August 18, 2017

Source of Chicago murder spike discovered

For those of us who regularly peruse Heyjackass looking at the crime stats and wondered about the recent spike that seems to be still climbing, a probable culprit has been discovered. It is none other than Hollywood actor Bruce Willis. The recent release of his movie trailer for the remake of Death Wish has the liberals up in arms.
Being serious now. This is one movie I just might go see. Back when Charles Bronson made the original, they set it in crime ridden New York. Chicago has eclipsed them for murders for several decades. They are hyper critical of the movie because the team is a "white team". Would Spike Lee make a brutally honest movie about the culture of Chicago? I some how doubt it. While 90+% of Chicago's murders are black on black violence, the neighborhoods where it happens are no-go zones for whites.
I was at Ft Stewart back in the early 90's with the National Guard. We got a day off and most of us went to Savannah. Late that evening I needed to get to my motel. Being short on cash, I decided to walk rather than get a cab. It was only two miles, and I was in my prime. Looking atmy map, I picked what I believed to be the most direct route. Soon I was in a neighborhood with no street lights, and junk cars along the road. I saw very few people,all blacks, I greeted them as I met them, and kept on my way with out incident. When I emerged from that neighborhood back onto a lighted thoroughfare, I was immediately greeted by a cop with lights and the whole nine yards like I was crawling out of a basement window. After identifying me and confirming I was who and what I said, they informed me that I had just walked through a no-go zone. They would no venture in after dark with out multiple vehicles, and were in fact waiting on an ambulance to escort it to a call. The ambulance and another patrol arrived, they left, and I went my way. It was tame back then compared to Chicago today.
Chicago's worst neighborhoods have been the worst neighborhoods for many years. Austin, Englewood, Garland Park. Some times the garbage over flows the gutters and into the neighboring hoods.
blaming the problem which the movie highlights on the "white team" is about the same as blaming the surgeon for your lung cancer, but that is the mentality, or lack thereof of social(ist) just-ass whores.

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