Friday, August 4, 2017

Ever notice how liberals spin it?

President Trump ended his first six months with robust job growth. The liberals at yahoo finance want us to believe it should be credited to Barry Soetoro though. They laud him by claiming that he took office in the middle of the worst recession in 70 years. People need to remember though, that recession started because of polices implemented by a democrap controled congress. It did not help that GWB was a fiscal liberal, enough so that he made Clinton look like a moderate. Couple that wit ha congress that spent like liberals initiated a series of disasters that culminated in that worst economy, all brought to you by the uniparty's left(er) wing.
the 2018 election cycle is gearing up. A lot of folks are frustrated as heck with the liberal version of the republican party as portrayed by Song Bird McInsane. We need to make sure that we don't make the mistakes of 2006 again and allow the communists control of either chamber.
Economic response lags economic policy. It took more than a few years for Clinton's policies to harm the economy. Frankly I am amazed at how swiftly the actions of the communists they elected in 2006 took hold and strangled American industry.
I'm not totally against liberals, some one needs to take out the trash at Burger King.

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