Sunday, August 6, 2017


This story got me thinking.
Back in 2000 I had a liberal renter who was politically active. She was tied in to several organizations that lobbied locally. No "real" job, just political activism. She was using her apartment as a campaign headquarters, but since it was a multifamily dwelling, only I could put up signage, which I did. Mary had income from disability, and her political buddies, but with the campaign in full swing, she was struggling with the rent. In October she only had part of it, and told me then that they would be getting grants [for community organizing] some time in January.
1 November, nada, Her group was out of money and none of the democrap campaigns were forking over to them. This had happened before with her, she had rented from me for five or six years at that point, and 1996 and 98 had been the exact same cycle. We'd gotten the back rent in January with interest penalties etc.
Well, about a week after Gore's schlonging, she called me up and informed me that because Bush won there would not be any Grants for her community groups.
As I remember, those groups were  The Manhattan Living Wage Coalition, Speak United, Manhattan Alliance for Peace and Justice, and one or two others. These groups consisted of the same roughly thirty members, and they had a revolving door of chapter presidents vice chairs etc, so about 3/4 of them were connected and the rest were chumps.
This is how Barry made it in the world. He was luckier than Mary, she was stuck in Kansas.

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