Tuesday, August 1, 2017

total BS

I'm not a huge Sheriff Joe fan. While his tough stance on illegals, and his way of treating prisoners in his jail are things I applaud, he has had more than a couple of screwed up cases. Certainly he is not perfect.
Joe though ran head first into Obamunism. It was his cold case posse that made factual discoveries regarding the fake birth certificate that Barry was pedaling to the butt kissing enimedia. For that, Barry and his handlers took on Joe. The easiest route was to protect the invaders that Joe was attempting to stop. The Phoenix region has plenty of problems associated with the invasion. A large percentage of the homicides are drug related, drugs that flow naturally with the invaders.
Joe got targeted for profiling. Guess what, we have very few blonde haired blue eyed illegals flooding into Arizona. Most of the invaders have a dark complexion, rather full faces, jet black hair, brown eyes and no habla englies except to ask "Seenyour, wood you like to foock my seester?" Joe was getting them.
Knowing that a jury would acquit him, they made the charges misdemeanors so they could  avoid a jury. Well, Clinton Croney SusanBullshit found Joe Guilty. The next step of course is an appeal to the Ninth Circus.
Now, we all remember the show trials in Baltimore. The Judge there, even though an activist, could not find the cops guilty. If he had, it would have been over turned on appeal, and no competent judge wants that. The ninth Circuit is not competent. They are the most over turned bunch of horse crap on planet earth and won't change one bit. Sheriff Joe will just have to take it to the Supremes to get this crap over turned. That won't end it, mark my words. We need to impeach a whole bunch of Clinton and Soetoro anointees. Some of the remaining Carturd ones as well.
Won't happen though. Why you say? The same people who own Nancy P. Lousy own Lyin Ryan.

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