Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Are you scared yet?

Looking at sat photos from the gulf, I cannot help but notice the blood red tinge the oil gives the waters. That puts me in mind of revelation where John described one third of the oceans turned to blood. Will it in fact be actual blood? Or something that gives the appearance? For those of you who insist on strict interpretation, may I point out that we as yet do not have a horse that breathes fire and smoke and sulfur. We do have the M1 Abrams tanks whose barrels emit fire and smoke and a strong odor of sulfur.
Can this one well foul the entire oceans? I don't think so, but I could be wrong. There are something like 36,000 wells in the gulf. Consider what would happen if there was an earth quake in that region that sparked a tsunami. Such an incident might pop quite a few of those wells, or could infact create a direct leak. China is drilling off shore there with Castro's blessing. Their track record on safety is close to that of Value Jet, or possible Cugnot. Tghink what could happen if their wells were hit by a severe huricane or a terror attack. Not a good thought.

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