Monday, June 28, 2010

Goodbye Byrd

You get to screw the citizens of West Virgina one last time because they won't allow people to vote for your replacement. The appontment gets to fuck over the people for two more years. hope your spot in hell burns a little hotter for your KKK ass.
I hope you are surrounded by the blackest of demons, by the worst thugs that Africa had who were conscripted to hell for all eternity. May all the world forget your name, may every memorial to you be renamed in shortest order or torn down. May the people wake up to your hate of all people of color and how you abused your power to destroy the black family and create a dependent generational welfare state that holds the black of America down, wastes their minds, talent, and GOD given gifts. That causes their daughters to bear children with no fathers and perpetuate that cycle. A cycle that offers no hope, encourages crime, drug abuse prostitution and worse. Shame on you. Rot in Hell.

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