Saturday, June 12, 2010

Latest toy

My latest pick is a DPMS Panther LR308. This gaspipe sports a stainless bull barrel. I last picked up a LR243, and after a lot of consideration decided that a 30 cal would make a good addition to the collection.

According to sources, a lot of folks arround JC have gotten these, and are spending a fair number of hours at the longer ranges. Plinking at 1000 meters is not unheard of, and if splodydopes ever become a problem, I'd just as soon keep em beyond blast radius ranges.
The LR 308 family is an updated version of the AR-10 designed by Eugene Stoner more then 40 years ago. It was revived a few years back when the Army decided to upgrade their sniper rifle systems. Knights Armament got the nod, but the DPMS offering is a good second place rifle.
DPMS also makes the Remington R-25 series of guns. Lighter, with a fluted barrel, and sporting a Mossy Oak camo sceme, they are intended for the hunter. Except for the lack of a high capacity mag, they are a great offering since you can order mags from C-Products. Their stuff is good quality, and reasonably priced. I have more then a few of their mags in my kit, from 5.56 mags to 9mm mags. Oh, they also are the only company to offer a 7.62x39 30 round mag for an AR platform.
Price was the deciding factor on this pick. I could get a Remington in 308, but would have paid $250 bucks more. I don't know about you, but for me, $250 is a lot of time at the range. This weapon does have a few down sides, No flash hider, no dust cover, no deflector bump, and no forward assist. Still a good varmit gun.
I topped it for now with a BSA cats eye. I have been waiting for a 6X24X40IR, but BSA is playing menu change potpouri, and is slow to send em. I like the IR scopes, it helps in twilight conditions when the coyotes come out.

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