Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who is Alvin Greene?

Dems in South carolina are scrambling to find out because he is their candidate for US Senate against Jim DeMint.
Seems Mr Greene paid a filing fee, is unemployed, did not actually campaign, and is under indictment for some sex crimes, he showed obscene pics to a college girl, then asked her to have a roll with him.
That is not all that is known about him, he is black, pro life, and a vet. Some one needs to inform him that is not barry Soetoro, so unless he has dubious credentials, the left does not want him. it would be a hoot if he won, the party establishment wants to hang him out to dry right now. They are making every excuse as to why he ran including that his name was above Vic Rawl who was the heads on favorite to win. Well, this seems to be an antiestablishment year, and pld school candidates are dropping like fly shit.
Congratulations Alvin, I sincerely hope you survive the campaign trail with your dignity intact. Politics eats honest men, and makes crooks into fat cats.

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