Thursday, June 24, 2010

We need cap and trade!

Wonder of wonders, Cina has yet anohter mess on their hands as an algee slick off the coast expands. Two years ago, a similar algee bloom threatened the olympics sailing events. Aint it grand? Here we have a country, the worst poluter on the planet, one that routinely flushes millions of tons of raw sewage into their rivers and oceans, one that dumps toxic waste on farm fields, and the democraps want to force American business to move there.
How stupid can we get? The US has some of the best polution control measure in place. Real polution fighters, not the BS pushed by Al Whore. Do American factories polute? yes they do, but the level of polution we emit to the atmosphere, water, and soil is far lower by any standard then China.
Need any more proof that glowbal warming is a farce? If it was real, they would demand accountability from China India, and Russia. They do not.

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