Friday, June 11, 2010

Big 12 breakup, the marriage is OVER

Well, it has begun, CU is headed west, good riddance! They should adopt the lamprey as their mascot, then they'd be the C U suckers.
Worst fans in the big 12. Don Surber had an idea on cutting tuition and it involves making athletics self supporting.
But Don, the athletes are so often academically challenged, sports is their one hope for a future that does not involve vats of hot vegy oil and counting small change. Besides, if we got rid of the athletes, who would there be to assault the women? And no, I do not mean as in the Duke farce.
I go back and forth on the subject, I love a good football game, but these idiots are just over paid over hyped entertainers, one brain cell short of a synapse.
We need reform of education and soon. The colleges are filling kids heads with useless crap and liberal ideology while neglecting academics. We pay these useless geeks money to work only a few hours a week, and the rest of the time they are fucking up the world. Most if not all college profs lack any experience in hte real world. Many have never done any of the things they teach.
So the breakup of the Big 12 may spell the end of the BCS BS. Let us hope. Maybe schools can get back to educating kids.
I'm dreaming.

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