Saturday, June 5, 2010

Israeli commandos seize the Saint Pancake.

The latest effort by proterrorist organizations to break Israels blockade has failed. The Irish flagged 1,200 ton St. Pancake aka Rachel Cory was stopped from breaking the blockade and escorted to Ashdod.
People are intent on breaking the blockade so the flow of formidable weapons to Hamas can resume. The Palistidiots get more then enough food medicine fuel and cooking gas from Israel to sustain life. What they cannot get thanks to the blockade are WMDs, rockets ammunition, and other tools of terror.
Is anybody suprised that this vessel of dishonor is flagged in Ireland? The IRA was partnered with Islamic militants for decades. The trend continues.
In My opinion, these ships are acts of war. Palistine is not a seperate nation, it is owned by Israel, but controled by terrorists. barry the worthless aparently supports Hamas. No suprise, he was raised muslim, and is clearly no Christian even if he did sit in Jeremiah the hatmongers church for years.

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