Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The NEA strikes again!

I for one am sick of the BS about under paid teachers. They only work nine months each year to begin with, and many of them are piss poor at it. Our schools are a mess, kids are not learning, we have dumbed down from 100 years ago, and are paying outrageous taxes for it.
Picked up from here. Go here, and here. Email it to friend, tell it to coworkers, Its time to demand better from our educators, and tell them NOT A DIME MORE until YOU score a passing grade.
It is a crime in my opinion for an educator to get the kind of money they describe.
Lets scrap the public school system, and go to private schools. Set one requirement, the kids take a periodic test, and must show improvement to a set standard. Home school, private school, OJT, I do not care, it should be the parents job to decide what the kid learns. Time to get the far far left wackos out of it.

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