Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Should israel seek a middle east free of WMD?

While much of the conventional wisdom points to a yes answer, I'm going to chime in and say no. Presently, it is assumed that Israel has nuclear weapons. Iran is in the process of acquiring them, Syria is rumored to have the remnants of Saddams vast stock piles, and various terror groups are striving to gain access to stuff from the former Soviet Union. In that mix, Israel would be foolish to give up any edge they might possess.
Que Don Knots, " I know how fast he is, he knows I know how fast he is, but he doesn't know that I know he knows, so I've got the edge." (yes, its a rough transliteration of his lines, I'm not gonna spend all day looking for a utube of it either.)
Saddam may have been bluffing regarding WMDs, Israel may be bluffing as well. they cannot risk the Arab world knowing. They are outnumbered hundreds to one. Their only ally is a turncoat, a fair weather friend who is on the verge of siding with their enemies. yes, I mean the USA. Under Barry the bonehead, expect alegiance with the muslims. GOD said that he would bless those who bless Israel, and curce those who curse her. As the USA prepares to jump off a cliff under the leadershit of clueless the worst, prepare for GOD to withdraw his blessings, and buckle up for serious bad.

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