Saturday, June 12, 2010

Colorado on the right track and Arizona's next step

Colorado has passed tough education reform. They gutted the tenure farce, and will require teachers t oearn it on merit. Bad teachers can go elsewhere. California has good anti student laws, maybe their union can handle a few thusand more worthless fucks. What the heck, every other business is leaving, soon all that will be left is schools to teach english to all their illegals.

And speaking of illegals, Arizona has made the next logical step in immigration reform and will not issue birth certificates to illegals. I agree with the motive, but not the plan. I say give the kid a birth certificate, and after he turns 18 he can decide if he want to return to the USA or stay in Mexico where he has been since he was two days old! Heck, if they do it right, they could have mom ambulanced back to Mexico before the kid is delivered and render the law pointless. In any case, mom goes to hospital, mom is illegal, mom and baby are given a free ride home. Thats what they should do.

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