Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A little morning humor

The President was out jogging this morning along the Potomac. Unfortunately, due to some ice, he slipped and fell in. Before the Secret Service detail could grab him, currents pulled him down river.

Three boys in a row boat, saw Mr.Obama, and quickly rowed over to him, and pulled him into the boat.

The President, grateful, said to to them, "Thank you, boys. I would like to give you each something for saving my life." So he asks the first boy, "What would you like, son?"

The boy replies, "I always wanted a pair of Jordan Air Nike's"

Obama replies, "Son, I'll get you a pair and have Michael Jordan sign them for you".

The second boy says, "I always wanted to go to Disney World"

Obama says, "Son, I'll fly you and your family there on Air Force One".

The third boy says, "Well, I'd like a power wheelchair, with a High Def TV attached, surround sound, and a drink holder"

Obama looks at the boy and says, "Son, you aren't handicapped, why in the world would you want that?"

The boy answers, "Because when my Dad finds out I saved your ass, I'm gonna need it"

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