Thursday, February 27, 2014

My brothers keeper

I had my lunch ruined today when the TV in the establishment switched to coverage of the SCoaMF trotting out his new racist sceme. They call it "My brothers keeper". Hey! why not, most of em have a keeper of sorts now. Its either a Corrections officer, a bondsman, or a probation officer. Might as well get the last few under government control so they won't feel left out, and be inclined to do some crime to get included.
If Oblowme gave one shit about black men, and boys, he would end the welfare state which encourages women to raise children with out a father or father figure in their lives. That is a recipe for disaster now being played out in places like Detroit, Chicago, and nearly every major metropolitan area in the nation where the vast majority of black children grow up with out a father because mom sponges off us via welfare.
Doubling down on stupid is still stupid. it has become this administrations calling card.

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