Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Someone didn't get the message

A member of the Border Patrol accidentally shot and killed an undocumented democrat voter today near San Diego. The newly arrived Obama supporter was apparently mocking the BP agent for having to work instead of collecting welfare section 8 subsidies, and EBT food supplies.
For reasons unknown, the idiot, the obomunist, not the fella with a job, decided it would be fun to chuck a rock in the direction of the agent, and struck the guy in the face sufice it to say, its dumb as hell to bring a rock to a gun fight.
The good news for Mexifornia communists, the guy will be voting a straight ticket for at least 100 years. The bad news, Taco Bell still has openings, and the lazy assholes residing here won't get off the couch to fill em.

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