Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday blonde joke

A mex. a chinaman, and a blond guy were working on top of a tower.
at lunch time they all sat down to eat.
The mex. looked in his, and said burritos again, I hate these, If she gives me this again I'm going to jump!
The chinaman opens his and says, rice I hate rice, one more time and I'll jump!
The blond looks at his, and said peanut butter, oh god one more time and I'm jumping!!
The next day the mex looks in his lunch box and sees burritos, so he jumps off.
The chinaman opens his and sees rice again, so he jumps!!
When the blond opens his and sees peanut butter he jumps as well!
When the wives see each other at the funerals,
the mex wife says If I only knew he hated burritos, I would have packed something else!
the chinamans wife said if I knew he hated rice I would have packed something else!!
they looked at the blonds wife, and she said what?? he packs his own lunch!!

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