Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Not a terrorist attack? You gotta be kidding

Details are beginning to emerge regarding a sniper attack on a power substation in California last year. One or more persons attacked Pacific Gas & Electric’s Metcalf substation firing more than 100 rounds into the transformers and equipment. The FBI is not classifying it as a terrorist attack. Who are they kidding? Do they think it was an insurance plot by a PG&E operative? Would some one do that as a childish prank? Oh hell no! The first two that come to mind are Haji and the rag heads, or the Mexican drug cartels. For the cartels, it would be a diversion while they did something else, but for it to last 52 minutes kinda rules them out.
So why was it able to go on so long? You would think that something like this would get the police moving faster then the hijacking of a donut truck. There is a lot we don't know about this attack, and the powers that be are doing everything they can to keep it that way. A blackout was averted, and that it all they think we need to know. Will we be this fortunate next time? Fifty years ago, our grid was piecemeal. Today nearly every part of the country is connected to one of three major grids. Generators in one state provide power that is balanced across several states. When pollution is high on the coast, plants in Arizona kick in to keep California aglow.
If you don't have a contingency plan, its time to make one. If an attack were successful, it could leave a region with out power for days, or even weeks. You have essential supplies that need power. You freezer won't stay cold with out it, and if you have only an electric range, Dude, you're screwed. Do you have a generator? What about wind or solar back up? Candles? Flashlights? When the attack hits is the wrong day to start prepping. If you live in town, figure out a good way to run a generator and keep it secure. People who did not plan ahead are planning to steal yours when the day comes.
My third guess for suspects is envirotards. Disproving global warming only makes them mad. I guess we wait and see.

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