Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bad attitude

Yes, I have one of those today. I spent most of the morning in the ER because of an unattentive driver. I was returning home from taking my wife to work when I got sideswiped. I was traveling next to a vehicle in a pack. We were all doing roughly 50mph, and as we came up onto the Blue River bridge, the woman who was next to me decided she wanted to change lanes.
I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, and tried to avoid her, but it was too late. She was swerving left,but looking right. Normally a side swipe isn't too bad a collision, but I tried to avoid contact with the bridge rail, and that resulted in us colliding twice. the second time sent my car into a fish tail which although not fun, should be no big deal.
The problem is, I am recovering from neck surgery, and all that side to side motion put a heavy strain on my neck. When I got stopped, it felt like the titanium plate and screws had pulled loose. I mean serious pain.
She stopped about a hundred feet beyond me, and in a few minutes was marching to my car. No, are you hurt, or is every thing ok? It was here is my information, I need yours, I'm in a hurry. She was a total bitch. She then had the audacity to tell the cop that I came out of no where and was really flying. The damage on the sides of the cars makes it pretty darn clear we were traveling the same speed.
A black woman with anger issues. Lets hope an increased insurance rate makes her rethink her driving skills or lack there of. ER visits, and CT scans do not come cheap.
As for my car, well, $2500 should have it good as used. The front alignment is messed up, as is the front passenger door. This is its third accident since I got it, and none were my fault. the first two, it was parked. The second was a hit and run, the first? Another angry black woman. At least this one has insurance. The first had a current card, but it had lapsed for lack of payment.


Spartacus said...

Not sure who's hardware you're wearing, but I used to work for the Danek division of Medtronic. We exclusively focused on spinal devices. You'd be well advised to have the plate(s) checked out, the screw that are used in spinal surgeries are tiny, the heads on the screws holding plates in place have unbelievably small surface area, stainless steel or titanium there's not a lot there. Spinal screws make #4 wood screws look beefy. If I were you, I'd have a talk with the doc and set up a MRI or CT scan to have the plate checked have what is supposedly her information.

Spartacus said...
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Spartacus said...

^ who knows....the moody black woman might find that her snap card will cover CT scans and MRI's along with her usual custom nails and weave extensions....