Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey dumbass

I can think of no title better suited to former injustice John Paul Stevens the mentally deficient former member of the SCOTUS is trotting out his meme that the 2nd amendment needs to be rewritten. Well, dumbass, its not your job to tell US what you imagine it should say. It was your job to uphold it, something which you roundly failed to do.
You, a democrat hero, are a disgrace. It is not up to the injustices of the court to change any amendment. We have a process set down in the Constitution for doing that. You are emblematic of the problem with our government today. You have fully failed to do your sworn duty. You are not an incompetent nincompoop like Oblowme, you sir are a traitor to our nation. In other words, a typical Chicago political hack.

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Gregory said...

Damn straight. That pissed me off when I read about him saying that too