Saturday, February 1, 2014

Obozo's fighting a rear guard action

The Keystone XL project has been on hold by Oblowme for several years now as he throws roadblock after roadblock in front of its construction. The report he demanded, conducted by his accomplices, has found no reason to stop it, yet he continues to block construction. IS he doing this to push funds to his political cronies? That appears to be the only reason.
The last few years have seen several rail road accidents involving product that should have been shipped via pipeline. The damage can be very nasty, and if a derailment happened in a major city, and railroads seem to run through every last one of them, think of the consequences. Pipelines by contrast tend to steer away from major urban hubs. Its expensive to build close to a city, through one would be prohibitive. Pipelines also have safety valves at regular intervals which would limit a spill to less then what is often lost in a train accident.
Yet, Soro's sock puppet presses on. I'd call him the man who would be king, but the ball less little cocksucker is more like a queen. An ugly drag queen. Wouldn't it be nice to have a president again who loves his country? or should I say loves America?

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