Saturday, February 1, 2014

Its bad here

Just how bad is it? A man washed up in the Marshall islands and claimed he had been at sea for 16 months. He left Mexico headed south to El Salvador. What? we aint good enough for em anymore? OK, so we chalk the drop in illegal immigration up as a credit for Obambi. next we are gonna be hearing about people fleeing Mexifornia ending up in North Korea.
Speaking of which, this guy is lucky he didn't end up there. How bad it would be to endure a year and a half of hell in a boat only to be executed for entering North Korea without a visa.
At any rate, this guy is blessed to be alive. GOD has a plan for him. Its time to listen to the Lord.
Note to self, do not put to sea in a boat assembled in Messyco, and be careful about vehicles assembled there as well.

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Gregory said...

Do you know what I heard? The Chevy Corvette is made in Mehico. I never checked to see if it is true though.