Saturday, February 21, 2015

A little morning humor

I met a real hot woman in Rome last summer. She didn't speak much English but that didn't matter, she was real hot. We hit it off real good and agreed to share a cab to the hotel we were both staying at.

We got to the hotel bar and had a couple of drinks, next thing you know we're in bed going at it like crazy. I must have been giving it to her pretty good because all night she kept yelling Buco Sbagliato! Buco Sbagliato! We did it like 5 times. It was good.

The next day I had golf with some business associates, I had my best round ever. On the 14th hole I scored a hole-in-one! I was so happy I stared yelling Buco Sbagliato! Buco Sbagliato!

One of my fellow golfers stopped me and said; "Oh no Signore Snaggs, I assure you that it is the right hole"

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