Monday, February 2, 2015

Holy Crap! Its WINTER

If Al Gore were to be believed, glowbul warming was to have eliminated winter weather by now. I feel for the folks in the north east. The ones who bought into Mike and Al's wealth redistribution scheme are having to trade their Burmuda shorts and Hawaii Shirts for Duluth Trading post gear ASAP.
Here in Kansas its weather as usual. -4 in the morning, 45 by mid afternoon. Manhattan was closer in temp to Sioux Falls South Duhkota then we were to Wichita at game time yesterday. Go figger.
This morning the road by my place was a sheet of ice. After I took my wife to work,  I found the neighbors wife stuck on a hill. She had lost traction,got a little sideways, and was afraid to try anything. This evening, the paper delivery guy failed to make the turn right north of my house. I guess the neighbors will want to patch the fence before they move the cattle back in spring.
When I went out to pull him out of the ditch, I almost turned around and left him there. He had several libtard banners on the back of his car, enough to make me hate him with out him opening his mouth. I decided it was better to get him out and gone though lest he bring down the neighborhood.

What do you call it when a redneck hitches two pair of pigs to a cart? Four Squeal Drive. Nothing like a hog on ice. Most folks with their four wheelers would be better off with a brace of pigs. They use it to get in to trouble instead of out. I've never needed a four wheel drive, guess I aint a true redneck. Doesn't mean they aren't fun to drive though, Just never NEEDED it.

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