Thursday, February 5, 2015

She looks like Jamie Faar

If you are as old as me, you remember the hit antiwar comedy M*A*S*H. Set in Korea, it was about an Army Mobile Hospital, and one of the main characters was a fellow trying to get out on a section 8. Klinger cross dressed, but his character was still a straight guy, just one who wanted away from all things military.
He was of Lebanese descent. Enter Mia Khalifa. She too is from Lebanon, she too is in the entertainment industry. She too wears women's cloths, just not in front of the camera. This has the sploddy dopes in a frenzy. She is not a mooslime, but she made a film wearing a hajib, and the perpetually offended are even more offended. I'm just not sure how this offends them. Do they not like cute women? Do they want us to continue to believe that the only reason they make their women wear those head coverings is so we won't see just how ugly they are? We know that not all mooslime women are ugly as sin. That is not what drives them to bugger little boys, and fornicate with goats. Its the satanic influence of their religion and the demented ravings of the pedophile Mohamhead. Heck, I'd bet that if you stripped a hundred mooslime women butt naked, there would be at lease ten of them that the average American male would hit on in a bar after closing time.
Could be wrong though.
I haven't seen any of her work, the pic at the article is all I have to judge her on at this point. If any one wants to find her video's and report back, let me know how good or bad it was.

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