Saturday, February 28, 2015

No point in getting mad

Its the nature of the CLAMS. discrimination has been part and parcel of the academic world for more than a century. Black colleges were started because academia did not want blacks on campus unless they were picking up garbage. Then it was Jews.
While colleges now want blacks students, and are offering bonus points to the many under achievers, Jews are still discriminated against, and Asians have been added to the do not apply list.
What do we do? Complaints will be answered with charges of racism. Oblowme was supposed to usher in the post racial America, but as I look around, I see a nation that is more racially divided than at any time since Jim Crow. Good is evil, and evil is now good.
I get that many schools in black and hispanic areas are poor quality. I understand how back kids who work and study are labeled as acting white, and the rats drag them back down. This point system is not going to help matters any. This is only going to drag the acting white mantra onto the college campuses, and hurt those black students who are their on their own merit. Then again, afirmative action, not merit, got the SCoaMF to Washington.
A large portion of the money that colleges throw around comes from donations made by alumni. My advice to Asian, Jewish, and white grads is to save you hard earned bucks. Sure, the colleges will stick it to you some other way. Taxes will go up to fund education, and the lazy will be exempted, but at least you will have the satisfaction of knowing they had to pry it from your hands to get it.
The problems they are trying to fix now were created by their last few fixes. Democrats gave us Jim Crow. Republicans, beginning during the Eisenhower administration peeled back the layers of discrimination. While a lot of civil rights legislation was passed during the administrations of JFK and LBJ, it was done in spite of them and their fellow democrats, not by them. Republicans, while the minority in congress at the time, voted overwhelmingly for civil rights legislation. Democrats short circuited the process with the creation of the welfare state which took the blacks who had escaped the plantations, and lured them to the government tit where they became dependent on the hand outs from the communist controllers.
Seriously, is the average black that stupid that he must receive a 280 point bonus on the SAT over an Asian kid? Sure, Barry is, hell, he might need an additional hundred just to get out of the cellar. Ben Carson might need to be lumped in with the Asians though. No, its just that Academia has failed them as surely as the Congressional Left and the Media have.
The sad part of this is that many of those kids who come out of the black community and get a free ride at school will still fail in the business world even with their propped up degree because having a work ethic is still acting white. Can't fix stupid, and I'm not referring to the blacks and Latinos with that statement.

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Spartacus said...

Certainly explains Middle Eastern kids getting preferential enrollment, Can't muster the grades to be admitted but the family or state has the money and are willing to spend it on a baby sitter. 3 years later they drop out and go home yelling death to the U.S.