Saturday, February 21, 2015

My hat is off to Brigitte

Brigitte Bardot is at it again calling a spade a spade and getting in trouble for speaking the TRUTH! Something the cowardly Fwench, like Obamunists, don't want to hear. She didn't need to say what she said though. She spoke out about muslim terrorists. She is right of course, but its like talking about a stinky skunk, like there is some other kind? You can have stink with out a skunk, but you cannot have a skunk with out stink. Even descented, they retain their um, aroma.
Likewise, you can have terrorism without muslims, but every place in the world that has muslims has islamist terrorism. Some places have it worse, and here in the U.S.A. we have been somewhat blessed. All of our home grown splodydopes have either failed miserable, or gone over seas to wage their jihad. I guess they think 72 mythical virgins is better then never getting anything but the family goat here on earth.
So Brigitte, GOD bless you, but you only need to say islam, the rest is all part of the stink on the skunk.

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