Monday, February 23, 2015

Could an attack on a mall happen here?

Paul at Crime Guns and Videotape has done his research on the subject. We are wide open and laid bare like a doped out prostitute in a Pearl Harbor brothel. When and where are the only questions yet to be answered. My bet would be Mall of America. The Twin cities have a large population of Somali's and recruitment has been on going for fighters in the islamist wars in Syria and Africa.
Prior to the Boston bombing, all our home grown converts had been a Barney Fife assortment of dismal and comic failures. Many were not even recognized as terror attacks. The guy who blew himself to smitherines outside the KSU v OU game was not acknowledged as a terrorist even though he was a recent convert to satanism's arabian strain. He made several attempts to enter the stadium, but was turned away because he would not allow his back pack to be inspected.
Since then there have been a string of attempts. Most were stopped cold and in some cases it almost looked like police entrapment since the idiots were armed with FBI or ATF manufactured fakes.
The next terror attack is on its way. Whether it will be a mall attack or an attack on a port, we do not know. Every terror group has wet dreams of launching an attack on the United States. We have given refuge to a lot of scum in the last thirty years. Some of them have assimilated, many have not. Its hard to tell one from the other, and children of the ones who assimilated are still a source for the recruiters in the mosques that are popping up like zits on a teenager.
Sooner or later another successful attack will happen. We are powerless to prevent the dedicated ones. They can ship a container of explosives in to any harbor and detonate it in the port with out waiting for it to be off loaded and inspected. They could hijack an airliner any where in Africa, load on a few tons of explosives, and hit our east coast and we would be powerless. That is what made the disappearance of MH370 so serious. Twenty years ago that might not have even made the news here.
So far though they have been about as incompetent as Barry Soetoro Soon though one with a double digit IQ will step up, and there will be more dead Americans. It may happen on Oblowme's watch or it might happen under the next president. remember, only 8 months of the years spent training and preparing for 9-11 happened under Bush. The vast majority was conducted under the nose of Worthless Willie. He was too busy looking for the next skirt to chase, or covering up his Monica affairs to be vigilant. If Hitlery gets elected, she will be busy dealing with the same routine, covering for him like she did for his eight years.
We have stood down from calling islam what it is. Its no longer OK to say islamic terrorism even though terrorism is part and parcel of their twisted cult of death. If you've read your Bible, you know what is coming. The thundering hooves of the four horsemen are coming. Whether it is tomorrow or next year, or twenty years remains to be seen. Satan's children, the mooslimes are beheading and murdering Martyrs every day. That place under the alter is fast filling with the souls of those whom  GOD will avenge. Will you be one of them? Will I?

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Red Buttocks said...

It's you right wing extremists that will attack the malls.