Saturday, October 24, 2015

A boot stomping on a human face...Forever

Police in Scottsdale AZ responded to a report of an unruly crowd, and possible assault on the manager of the K O’Donnell’s. When Police arrived, accompanied by a Police chopper, they found many patrons of the resturant peacefully departing from a scheduled event that was cut short when the manager cut the mic and instead piped in the Mets Cubs game.
This is in all probability, the most violent riot by a group of conservatives, or conservative minded people in the recorded history of the United States. Seriously. This is text book behavior of conservatives. Nobody threw a punch, no one left with out paying their bill. The police arrested NO ONE.
All the reviews on Yelp that correctly pointed out just how bad this shit hole treated paying customers were taken down with in hours. Make sure you understand the message, if you are a pecker puffer, and want to harm a Christian business by posting a false report about how you were treated, Yelp will keep it up until the mooslime horde leads them off to behead them, but if you are a conservative, and want to report the truth, don't bother.
Note to young folks conservative or otherwise, if you are thinking of taking a job as a waitress, pick a joint that is friendly to conservatives. Liberals are lousy tippers, and will often stiff the waitresses.

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