Thursday, October 1, 2015

As stupid as it gets

At least ten people are dead and another 13-20 injured after a jihadist attacked Umpqua Community College in Roseberg Oregon today. The school is the Alma Mater of Alek Scarlatos one of the hero's of the recent train terror attempt in France. The school is a designated easy victims area.
Stupid is as stupid does, Barry the mooslime is using this attack to call for more gun control, more unarmed victims for his religion of piss to attack, as he imports jihadists by the thousands.
Trust me on this Barry, your buddy is in hell right now, and some day you WILL join him. Most likely it will be from the cancer sticks you love to shove in your face, no one is going to waste a bullet turning you into a martyr. The blood of those ten dead is on your hands Barry. and on the hands of your foolish minions in congress and the courts who violate the Constitution following your edicts and orders.
Note to conservatives, keep your gun close and your ammo ready. Avoid target rich environments as much as possible. Maintain situational awareness, know where the nearest exit is, and an alternate as well. Know the best route to your vehicle and artillery keeping in mind the essentials of cover and concealment.

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