Friday, October 30, 2015

I am a RINO

Today, I finally admit it. I am not a true republican. No, I have not gone all shit for brains and decided to embrace the tree hugging, lazy, global warming waste of flesh communist perverts that call themselves democrats, I left them in 1980.
Today I acknowledge that the goals of the RNC are not my goals and are in fact polar opposites of what I believe in and stand for.
I do not support amnesty. My wife came here illegally, but we are intent on following the rules to establish her citizenship.
I do not support TPTA, the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement that will destroy American industry as the globalists seek to send industry to countries where the government has suppressed innovation and destroyed creativity.
I do not support ObamAA- care. We threw out the demonicRAT extremists and installed a group we hoped would listen to us, the American people, and reverse the agenda from hell implemented in January of 2009.
I do not support the lies of global warming. It has been proven to be junk science, full of lies and deception, and a plot to enrich countries who have stifled innovation and technology.
Above all though I demand that my elected officials follow the Constitution and adopt a budget. That is their first and main job, not campaigning, not wining and dining with the lobbyists.
We d not need two political parties that adhere to the same failed principles. Right now the only thing that separates them is abortion and the republicans are giving it defacto support by not defunding Planned Parenthood.
I'm not leaving though. I intend to stay and fight. I will fight tooth and nail to get conservative ideas and ideals back as the primary planks of the Republican ticket.
Right now John McInsane and Linda Gramnasty represent all that is wrong with the republican party. They are the poster children, but too many of our elected representatives are just as bad, just as deplorable, and just as wrong for America as those two loathsome scumbags.
The republicans have selected Paul Ryan as the new Speaker of the House. He is a blue state republican, a liberal at heart. Wisconsin is shaping up. Here is hoping that in 2016 they primary his ass to the curb and nominate a true conservative. here is praying that the RNC attempts to derail that nomination result in a landslide victory for a true conservative instead of this tool of Wall Street and the Chamber of Communists.
Here is hoping the 79 republicans who voted in the House for this continuing disaster all get bounced, hard and far along with what ever leadership decided they were safe bets and allowed to torpedo America.

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