Monday, October 19, 2015

Blood is thicker than water

George W Bush launched an attack on behalf of his bumbling idiot brother, but it was not directed against Trump. Instead the former President launched his tirade against Ted Cruz. For the last six years the former President has not spoken once to condemn the SCoaMF that occupies the Oval Office. He has not criticized one policy, not even the ones that upended every thing he tried to accomplish, yet when it comes to his former aid, Ted Cruz, the man has nothing but venom. What. The. FUCK?
I had a lot of admiration for #43. He took us through some tough times, and while he was anything BUT a fiscal conservative, he was a likable and decent person.
Bush will not go down as the best President of the century. best president of the first decade? Well, since Barry is the worst pResident of all time (pending Hitlery stealing the election) I guess he is a lock.
The more I look, the less I like. I see more Rovian strings than a mountain of marionettes. Maybe the Skull and Cross Bones story is true. Certainly he was a GOPe operative.
My respect for the man shrinks with each new day.

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