Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I would have said clown shoes but.....

Ted Cruz delivered a zinger about the demonicRAT soap on the Communist Nutroots Network. I did not waste my time viewing it, I had paint drying, it was much more interesting.
The GOPe is in the tank with the handlers who manipulate the communist puppets, and their plan is a Bush Clinton show for 2016. Burnout Slanders and Trump are the monkey wrench in the mechanics of a well planned screwing of the electorate Part 8.
I like Cruz a lot. The GOPe road map was designed to marginalize him and ultimately defeat him so that Wall Street could have their choice instead of America's choice. I sincerely hope that Ted has a place in Trump's plan for America.
I also must acknowledge that if Biden had been on stage, I would have tuned in. Jeff Dunham's dummies are good, but they are not as life like as Gaffer Joe.
Seriously though, the worst part is that there are people dumb enough to vote for these cretins.

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