Thursday, October 22, 2015

Did we learn any thing today?

The Hildabeast again came before the congressional committee investigating the Benghazi fiasco. I for one could give two shits less about Ambastardwhore Stevens, he was as crooked as Hitlery and Barry, and was up to his neck in the gun running scam. The truth about this whole matter needs to be laid on the table, and no matter how high it goes, the players need to answer.
If three guys decided to rob a bank, and during the robbery, one of them go shot dead by the police, the other two would be on trial for murder. This crime though was a violation of several international agreements, and essentially was the imperialism that the communists err demonicRATS accuse the GOP of doing.
We armed the factions that over threw Mortamer Gadaffy. On 9-11-2012 Stevens and his entourage were in the process of reacquiring those weapons for distribution into Syria.
Today The demonicRAT front slitherer got in front of congress and lied her ass off, aided by Elijah Cummings and his caucus.
Over at CTH, Patriot Dreamer posted the bumper sticker of the day. Nice parody of a good movie sleeve, but they should have been in Russian uniforms.
A lot of us HOPE for an honest outcome for this investigation, I gave up hope a long time ago. The Clinton Crime Machine is working furiously behind the scenes. At some point the SCoaMF will pardon the bitch, and at that point, the media will drop the issue and tell their lofo viewers it was just another republican smear campaign.
We. Are. Screwed. We know it but we aren't doing a damn thing about it.

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