Sunday, October 4, 2015

Is gaffer Joe about to run?

Sources close to Barry's assassination prevention measure are indicating that a decision by Soros' version of Walter is coming in the next few days. At present he is polling high among demonicRATs voters aka the gimme free stuff crowd.
Clinton is crashing because of the E-mail scandals and the Benghazi fiasco, but these need to be put on Biden as well. As VP there is no conceivable way he could not have known about her use of a private server, and the why behind it. He is part of the nightmare team, and if he has a brain, he should know what is going on in the inner circles of Barry's abuses of power.
Right now all Biden has is name recognition. He has not been on the stump so to speak, and it has been eight years since the voters have had the displeasure of listening to him speak. Us old folks remember his stupidity, but the new generation of voters have yet to see him at his "finest". There is a reason he polled as low as Jeb Bush is, and its not about lack of exposure. Exposure is his enemy, and Soros and the Oracle know it full well.
The name of the game is that the puppet masters want to switch from Sweet Daddy Dee to Walter when in fact its time to drop the curtain, close the show and start handing out refunds to the people who paid for this eight year embarrassment.

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