Friday, October 30, 2015

Whats this gonna do to the price of ham?

It used to be that when a worn out skank needed to tighten up to stay in business she went to the local market, got an 8 lb ham, shoved it in, then pulled out the bone. That's too old school though for the modern wimin, and surgery to improve the appearance is now the big fashion.
Women of all ages are opting for Labiaplasty so they can look good in a Bikini or yoga pants. Yoga pants? It would be easier to make politicians sound sane. This is good news for many as the operation has the ability to make Bruce Jenner look like a real female. As the operation is perfected, there may even be hope that Moochelle ObamAA- can be made to appear feminine. Just need to get rid of the dick.... and Barry as well.

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