Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Just damn

It looks like the clown show won't be getting Biden after all. Barry Soetoro's gaffing assassination prevention perversion decided that another run was out of the question.
That means the uniparty is hanging its hat on Hitlery Clinton, another sign that all the hearings in Washington about Benghazi are all for show, and not one damn thing will come out of them.
For years I wanted to believe we had two politican parties. At one time it appeared that one was for the common man and the other for greedy corporatists. As the years passed, they morphed just a little, and the mask on the face of the demonics slipped just a bit revealing that communism, purest evil lurked beneath the veneer. As they evolved, and gulped up every little anti America, anti GOD, anti civilization crumb, the republicans seemed to fight off efforts to sway them to the dark side.
As spring rolled in to summer, it was looking like the 2016 election was going to be just another clown show, extremist far left candidates trying to convince the electorate that they were moderate or even conservative all the while making it clear to their corporate masters that they were just as far to the left as Barry Soetoro had been in 2008.
Two monkey wrenches got thrown into the works though, one an aging hippie socialist wanting to look respectable, but just a bunch of BS, the other a successful businessman who had gone from millionaire to bankrupt to billionaire as he worked the art of the deal.
The uniparty picks, Bush and Clinton are both running into problems. Nobody sane wants another Bush, and nobody honest wants another Clinton. Jeb's poll numbers are hovering around the 5% mark while Clinton battles with Bernie as they both make excuses for her past.
My favorite is still Cruz, but I acknowledge that he has no chance. Maybe a shot at the VP position, a cabinet position, or even a supreme court appointment, but he is not inspiring enough people at this point to make it to the convention.
Carson looks good, but there are many chinks in his coat as well.
Barring some crazy maneuver by the corporatists, Trump is going to be the republican candidate.
As for the wicked witch of the east, maneuvers in Washington will stall then derail the attempts to bring light to the festering dung pile that is her 45 years of crime masquerading as politics. Then it will be a decision for the lowfo votes whether they want an admitted socialist, or something more evil.
Remember though, even if Trump wins, we still have a congress controlled by big money interests that will not answer to the electorate.
When in doubt, throw them out. Today though there is no doubt, they all need to be put out to pasture.
I take comfort in knowing that GOD is in control. Having read the book though, these are the worst of times for all man kind.

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