Monday, October 5, 2015

We tollerate the intollerable.

Three stories caught my attention tonight. All three are sick, and signs of the evil that pervades our dead culture.
First up is the revelation that Barry's administration is making our soldiers ignore the rape culture in Afghanistan. Young boys molested by older men and they call it boy play? Hey! they are just trying to be like their false prophet. He molested a little girl and called her his favorite wife. He also proclaimed that men who die in jihad will have the libido to screw 72 virgins and 24 supple young boys. Yes, it is part of their perverse culture and we tolerate it. We. Tolerate. The. INTOLERABLE!
Can it get worse? why yes it can. The Church of Stockholm has its first lesbian Bishop. I know some people say live and let die, and some times I feel like it as well. This carpet muncher though has the gall to proclaim that one of the churches in her Diocese remove all symbols of Christianity and welcome mooslimes, the child molesters mentioned above, and go so far as to put marking indicating the direction of Mecca. The ignorant bitch, yes, I'm equating her with Hiltery the traitor, should pack up her "spouse" and head on down to Syria. Lets see how well she does when they want to martyr her like they have the Syrian Church where 11,000 have been slaughtered.
In Revelation John tells about the souls of the Martyrs, beneath the Alter crying "How long oh LORD until you avenge us?" That day is here.  Christians are being beheaded, tortured, crucified, raped and worse by the slithering animals that Evil Brunne want the Church of Sweden to accommodate. When you lose your moral compass, you are lost indeed.
Don't worry though Evil, the mooslime hoards are coming your way at full gallop. the mass of invaders swarming over the borders and shores of southern Europe have you in their sights. The only way to stop them is to kill them. With Bacon packed hollow point bullets.

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