Sunday, January 17, 2016

Another oldie

I don't care if it's Rock and Roll, Gospel, or Country, I love the oldies. Growing up poor, we didn't have much to spend on entertainment. I guess in a lot of ways, we were the entertainment. Small town and all, there wasn't much for lazy folks to do but gossip. Some of my siblings call our father lazy. I just don't see it that way. Sure, I was the johnny come lately, born when they were almost grown and gone, but I saw dad in a different light. My father had a college education. Not merely a bachelors degree, but a doctorate. He graduated in the middle of the depression, work was nonexistent, and so he went home to the family farm. Grandpa was a smart man with money. He had a Jew's way with it. By the end of the depression, he had numerous farms and five strong sons to farm them. He gave each of his boys a hunk of land for their own.
That's not what my father wanted though. He'd gone to college to escape the farm. That parcel of land tied him down. He'd also married my mother and they had two children and another on the way. I guess he felt trapped. he farmed the rest of his life, but I think he hated it.
I was born when he was 52. Most couples are fawning over grand kids at that point, and they had one grandson. I used to be called baby uncle. Lots of folks don't understand it, They can't wrap their heads around the fact that I have neices and nephews my age. Cousins? No, my sisters kids, I'd have to explain.

My folks had a lot of records though. That is one thing we always had, music. Don't assume though that I am any great shakes as a singer. Growing up I was often told I was a terrible singer. Since leaving home though, no one has ever said that to me. To a man they say I can't sing at all!
I'd have never made it as a cowboy, my vocalizations would have stampeded the herd for sure. I'm not shy though. I will belt out a song when the mood strikes. Usually cold cock em, they don't stand a chance.
So, instead of posting something of me singing, I'll post stuff like this when I find it, and when the mood strikes me. I hope you can enjoy the oldies as much as I do.

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Bob Tamewitz said...

I sure do love the oldies. Been collecting since about 1964. That's a big reason that I also like to visit Miss Lisa at Barbed Wire and Bracelets. She posts some pretty good ones..............