Friday, January 1, 2016

Hillary A refresher

What more is there to say? LOTS! In nineteen minutes, this video barely scratches the surface of the muck surrounding this scum of the earth. It has been 23 years since this country was damned with this scourge on humanity and her crooked husband.
In their first four years, much came to light about just how crooked, corrupt and criminal this couple were. In 1996 as the reelection battle took shape, one radio personality, I don't remember which, said that in that election we would get the leader we deserved. Knowing just how bad they were, voters still decided to keep them. Part of that was due to the involvement of Ross Perot. In fact, both elections saw him pulling enough votes to have swung the pendulum the other way.
Have we sunk that low? Do we as a nation deserve Hitlery in high office? May GOD have mercy on us.

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