Friday, January 22, 2016

Back then it was just music

I've been a little less active the past few days. Pulling the well put some serious hurt on my already sore neck, and it take a few day to recover. That means a bit more time at the computer since I avoid tunnel vision like it is mind control.
 Part of what I have been wasting my time with are Eew tube videos. Since all the records I had as a kid got swallowed up in the great black hole known as divorce, I haven't had much opportunity to enjoy my old favorites. Now, just about all the stuff I liked as a kid is there to be found and enjoyed. Heaven huh?
 Maybe not. Many of the video clips have commentary that accompanies them, and as I once again listen to the lyrics, I realize that many of them were anti Vietnam, anti military, and really, anti society as well as anti Christian values. Back then though, they were just songs on a record.
Not all of them are that way. Barry Sadler clearly was not, and many of the country artists were strong supporters of the effort to keep as much of the world free as we could. Rock and Roll? Bah Humbug! And I used to love that junk.
These "artists" are who shaped a generation. You go to a political rally, and you might remember 1/10th of what was said. A concert? With the words being put to a tune and set to a rhythm, it tends to stick in our heads. Music can be a powerful tool.
What happened in the 60's? The children of the greatest generation got turned into vermin. Not all by a long shot mind you. IN WW2, two thirds of the people who served were drafted. By contrast, two thirds of the men and women who served during Vietnam were volunteers. Mark my words on this, our troops, our sons and daughters who served won that war. Politicians and back stabbers gave it all away.
Had we wanted, we could have won in Vietnam clearly, soundly and permanently. We chose not to. Fifth columnists invaded our nation, and they set to work destroying the fabric that made us great.
Back then it was all just music to me. Now I see it for exactly what it is, filth.

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