Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dear National Review

One of the great lines from the movie Porky's is where Mr Cavanaugh is confronted by his son;
Mr. Cavanaugh: Look's like I'm gonna make a man out of you yet, boy.
Tim: A man? If being a man means being what you are, I'd rather be queer.
This week you went after Donald Trump with every thing you had. Like a little kid on the play ground trying to be the school house bully, you wasted the efforts of 21 writers to tell us your worthless opinion of Trump. You could have saved paper time and head aches by quitting after the first stupid screed, but no, you had to double down again and again.
I am confused as to just what exactly you define conservative as. Almost all the people I know who identify as Conservative do so because the label of the democrat party is as wrong for them as calling chili powder ice cream.
At times it appears the only place we agree is on abortion. At least, I believe you are pro life.
We the people, the ones who vote, the ones who pay taxes, the ones who don't spend millions and billions buying the politicians we sent to Washington to represent our homes and not Wall Street interests, are mad as hell.
In the last three election cycles we have supported candidates who are for smaller government, and the "conservative" establishment has either bought them off, or forced them out with what can only be termed election fraud.
I know full well I don't speak for every one, but we the people want smaller government. not 1% smaller, not 10% smaller, lets try for 50% smaller. We are tired of seeing the national debt sky rocket as our own incomes stagnate or shrink. Yes, shrink. You put mandate after mandate , and some body has to pay, and that winds up being us.
Do your history, if you would research the taxes imposed by King George, you would find they were infinitesimal compared to the outrageous rates we pay today. Have you stopped to consider why We the people kicked you out of power in 2006? Its the spending stupid. We are sick of it.
We have a Constitution. We the people are tired of unconstitutional government over reach. Our fore fathers added an amendment just for you, the tenth. Where in the Constitution is health care? Same goes for the myriad of government pogroms that have been foisted on us.
Our demands are simple;
1. repeal Obama care once and for all.
2. Secure the border. Build the damn wall. Start mass deportations. We acknowledge there are many good hard working people among the illegals, fine, we have no problem with them returning. In fact, we'd rather have the hard working poor than the elitist communist you seem to favor.
3. return control of education to the parents, and leave our kids the hell alone.
4. Shrink the budget. You can start by getting by defunding the department of education, department of energy, EPA, FWS, and just about all the departments that are not provided for under the constitution.
5. Get off our land. The government should not own any thing except the buildings necessary for day to day business, and our military forts, the ones that are actually needed. Every inch of land managed by the BLM should be for sale. When a buyer steps forward for any tract, that tract should go up on auction. It should sell to the highest bidder with the requirement that it be developed in some way in order to receive the deed. That means it either gets built on, mined, or grazed. Pristine wilderness is a waste of our money and efforts. Separate the mineral rights from the land and offer them up. If you buy it, you must develop it though. Keeps the unicorn fart breathers from keeping us dependent on foreign oil.
Since 1988, the choices in every election have been democrat and democrat lite. Do you want to charge head long into disaster, or get there in low gear? We are sick of it. The insane spending that has fueled this, and lined your pockets has bankrupted us.
Trump may not be a conservative, but he is saying what people want to hear from their leaders. You "conservatives have become so cocksure in your arrogance, that you no longer even pretend.
We know what we want, its the same thing we have demanded since Reagan left office.
In ending, Mr Buckley, let me say, if being a conservative means being what you are, I'd rather be a commie.

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