Sunday, January 10, 2016

My take

White House pharmacist, and the principal beneficiary of Fast and Furious, El Chapo Guzman has been temporarily detained by Mexican authorities in large part thanks to the efforts of Sean Penn.
I'm no fan of Penn. His movies suck, and his politics are so disgusting that if it were my choice, he would be deported to Cuba or North Korea.
That said, had it not been for him, Guzman would still be free offering rewards for the murder of Donald Trump and other good people.
It won't last long though, he will again bribe his way out of jail and be roaming the back streets of Mexico and Central America spreading terror and selling death. The Mexican Marines should have shot first and not asked questions. The down side of that is his organization would have bounced back with another thug in the drives seat with hardly a bump.
I would not care if people did drugs if there was not a large amount of property crime associated with it. Pot in my book is a natural weed. I don't use it, never will, but I could care less if you want to toke as long as you don't turn into a public nuisance. The hard drugs like Heroin coke and meth are anoher issue. Once hooked, most users become little more than leeches on humanity.
I have no use for druggies including Worthless Willie, and Barry Soetoro.
As for Sean, until now his life aint been worth two cents. Now with El Chapo pissed, he will be worth millions... Dead. Maybe he will shit himself inside out. he'd look better.

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