Monday, January 18, 2016

Saw this at the Tree House.

Commentor  Budmc posted this,

Cruz tried to get ElecTED, At first he was TrusTED, Dad says he’s AnnoinTED, The one that God AppoinTED, Each point Trump ArticulaTED, Me-too Ted then DuplicaTED, And When they DebaTED, Trump was AggravaTED, New Yorkers had been ExcoriaTED,
Cruz had not AnticipaTED, Words that Trump Enunciated, Me-too Ted had been DeflaTED, some said he looked ConstipaTED, Cruz had not ContemplaTED, That he would be InvestigaTED,
two loans were not ReporTED, for that he was BusTED, At once the news ErupTED, Ted is CorrupTED, Now he is ToasTED,
On twitter Donald RoasTED, said Cruz was ImporTED, Levin was AgitaTED, on facebook he StaTED, Donald you’ll be HaTED, Levin had EstimaTED, Trump would be NegaTED, But Trump ReiteraTED, Ted Cruz ImmigraTED,
Now his campaign’s TainTED, Can’t be ExoneraTED, as would be ExpecTED, Followers are DejecTED, people that DonaTED, see their money WasTED,
those that SupporTED, want him ResuscitaTED, Opposers have RetorTED, campaign should be AborTED. The surge has now AbaTED, poll numbers DecimaTED,
CruzBots DevastaTED, Treepers are ElaTED, Levin InfuriaTED, Rush ExasperaTED, and Glenn Beck MedicaTED.

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