Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ballad of the also rans

Donald Trump has stated that he won't be wasting his time with the Faux Noise Debacle. The first debate was a farce. Instead of being an impartial reporter of the election process, Roger Ailes has apparently instructed his team to be a hit squad, sappers against the electoral process.
I switched off Faux after Megyno's first psychotic rant. I have long called CNN the Communist Noise Network, but at least there I know their bias and can filter for it. Don't watch them much, but if there are happenings, like the San Bardo shooting, I want to catch a little ground coverage. Day to day? Meh.
I hope this stirs outrage among the advertisers who forked over good money. I hope they demand refunds. here's to them not being able to get the late late crowd to pay for time. Vince with Sham wow might bite, but lets hope not.
Part of me was hoping he would go on, and if he did, that he wold have a bottle of Midol in his pocket, and the first time she went bitchtastic, that he would dig it out and offer her a couple.
Its all good though, these "debates" are crap no matter how you slice it. We need debates, but what we need are serious issue oriented ones. Ask a question, each candidate takes a turn, and each takes a turn at being the first to answer, but every candidate gets a shot. No questions directed at only one person, that kind of crap should be reserved for the bobble head circuit of which Megyno used to be queen.
Will Rupert Murdoch wake up? Don't bank on it. he wants to influence the elections. He should stay out of American politics, and stick with the events in Australia. May this spell the curtain call for Faux. They proclaimed themselves to be fair and balanced. The left called them far right, and by comparison to (P)MSNBC, the are far right. Compared to Americans in general they are still left of center.
So suck it Rupert and Roger. If trump crashes and burns, may he star a true right wing news organization, and consign you to the dust heap of history.

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